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Monday, July 23, 2012

I've never actually been diagnosed as lactose intolerant, but I've convinced myself that I really am.  I hate the bloating feeling that comes after eating ice cream or drinking milk, but I love the taste of these two! I have since discovered almond milk, which is a good alternative to milk, but even better is almond milk ice cream!!! Almond milk and almond milk ice cream are just what you think they would be- ground almonds. But, unlike regular animal milk- almond milk contains no cholesterol or lactose.  It does however contain Omega-3 fatty acids, so it's good for your heart and it's also high in protein.

Now almond milk is not some new Hollywood trend or the latest fad- it actually dates back to the Medieval Times when it was a staple in kitchens because milk would spoil too quickly.  I have had the pleasure of tasting several almond milk ice creams.  The consistency doesn't taste as creamy as the real thing, but at least I can enjoy my guilty pleasure without the bloat.  Here are my two favorites...


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