Week 29...

Friday, December 7, 2012

Getting closer week by week and with the holidays these weeks are flying by! 

Cravings This Week-  COOKIES!!! I had a  cookie exchange this past weekend, so I've been eating all the yummy cookies I have leftover.  That's what the holidays are for right?

Sleeping Patterns-    What else can I say about this anymore except sleeping SUCKS!!! 

 Biggest Change-   Acid Reflux City!  I haven't had any heartburn/acid reflux since the beginning of the pregnancy and now it's hit me like a freight train! It's all the damn time.  Morning, noon, and night.  It doesn't matter what I eat either.  I could drink a sip of water and I get acid reflux from the water? If you've never had acid reflux you are really lucky.  Besides the crap coming up in your throat, the face you make when it happens isn't very pretty.  

Nursery Update -   We still have odds and ends to add to the nursery but at this point it's pretty complete. I even added a little Christmas tree to the room for festivity sake plus it gave me an excuse to put up my old purple ornaments which I love!

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