Diaper Bag Dilema...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The hunt has begun! For the ultimate diaper bag that is, and I have quite a dilema.  Which one to pick!  Now, you all know how crazy I am with handbags, so why would a diaper bag be any less important?  This is a tough decision.  I need it to be fashionable plus functionable.  There's a boatload of bags out there, but I've narrowed my decision down to three.  I just have to figure out which one is more practical, but still fabulous of course.  Also, I pay a lot for my handbags so don't expect anything different from a diaper bag.  Some of you might think I am crazy, but it's okay.  

Choice #1

The Olivia by storksak London -  This bag has tons of pockets! 5 on the outside and 7 on the inside.  Plus padded shoulder straps, an insulated bottle holder, and it's nylon so easy to clean.  This one seems the most practical and it's pretty cute.  Doesn't scream DIAPER BAG!  This bag comes in
at $198 and comes from London, which I have a thing for London.

Choice #2

Stacked Logo Billy Baby by Tory Burch- Classic Tory Burch in more of a tote form and could actually pass for a regular handbag.  It has 5 pockets on the outside, but 2 of them are so small I consider them more for looks because they aren't practical.  On the inside there's 5 pockets, but again 2 of them are pretty small.  This bag comes with a clip for stroller attachment and a strap which turns it into a cross body which sounds very appealing.   This bag is $350.

Choice #3

London Shopper Classic by Rosie Pope- This is probably the least practical out of the two and I only say that because the bag itself weights 5 pounds.  And, that's before there's anything in the bag.  It's so super chic though! This bag has a removable washable liner, shoulder straps, and changing pad. There's not quite as many pockets as the storksak, but again it's super chic.  This bag comes in at the most expensive at $365, but again it's okay. 

So, you can see how I might be in a pickle.  Which one? Which one?  If only I could find a reason to need all three!

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  1. The first. (And you know I love the third!) I say that b/c I think you are going to use it less than you think. I grew tired of lugging all that junk around so I started keeping it my car and just bringing in the "essentials" - a wee pack of wipes and a diaper. I kept food, change of clothes, etc. in the car so if there was an emergency I was just a few short steps away.


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