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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This past weekend Nathan and I had the opportunity to participate in Green Dirt Farm's Farm to Table Dinners.  Green Dirt Farms produce sheep's milk cheeses, yogurt, and 100% grass-fed lamb at their farm  near Weston, Mo.  Their philosophy is simple: They believe in the tradition of community-based farms where customers know how their food was produced, and who produced it. 
For the past 4 Summers they have been holding the ever popular Farm to Table dinners featuring a local chef from one of the many restaurants around Kansas City.  The Chef is able to use the 100% grass-fed lamb as well as ingredients from other local farms in the community.  These dinners are so popular that when we went on the website to book this year, the 16 dates were sold-out within 10 minutes.  Each dinner is 4 courses and there's a drink pairing with each course.  We were lucky to get Chef Ted Habiger from Room 39 in Midtown.  
The evening started around 6:30 at the farm and all the dinners are held in the old farmhouse barn.  The inside of the barn looks like something out of a Pottery Barn catalog. 

  We started out the evening with appetizers of Bruschetta, Lamb Tartare, Dirt Lover Cheese, Jam, and Orchard Bread.  It was washed down with a Cucumber Cooler to drink. 
We sat around a large farmhouse table with about 30 other guests. 
This was our menu for the evening:
 1st course:
lamb offal terrine paired with Zilliken Riesling, Germany 2011
2nd course:
oeufs en meurette paired with Michel Gay, Bourgogne Rouge, France 2009
3rd course:
lamb moussaka paired with Terra Dora di Paolo, Aglianico, Italy 2010
4th course:
apple cobbler paired with Huet, Vouvray demi-sec, Le Haut-Lieu, France 2007
The entire meal lasted around 3 1/2 hours and it was absolutely worth every penny.  What was so amazing was that after all the food we ate we weren't utterly stuffed but very content. The lamb was cooked to perfection and the vegetables were so fresh, you could tell they had just been picked. 
One of our new friends we met that evening . See, we are finished and all smiling! The only downside is we have to wait until next year to do it again!

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  1. Jealous! Have always wanted to do that. You should check out the underground dinners much fun!


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