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Monday, November 12, 2012

Last week was an extra special week for me and I was so busy I didn't have time to blog to all of you! My mom came for an unexpected visit. My love was out of town for work so it was an all out girls' week! We both figured it would probably be one of the last times we would have together just the two of us and we definitely spent the time right.  Shopping & Eating! My two favorite hobbies. 

Mom started the week off with a new outfit she brought for baby girl from Janie and Jack.
A beautiful rose floral bodysuit with matching socks.  If you've ever been in that store then you know it's to die for!  Thanks mom/grandma

Next up we visited one of our favorite stores for everything- HomeGoods
I found this incredible stone cheeseboard that I needed.  Let's be honest, I don't need a cheeseboard- I have 4 of them already but I love to make cheese plates and I love anything French, so it only made sense to buy this one. 

Since it appeared I was on a French kick(when am I not) we also purchased these insanely gorgeous chocolates from Maxim's Paris.  Now, my love wanted to know why I would spend money on a box of chocolates when I don't even like chocolate, but these are not just any chocolate I told him.  These are Parisian chocolates all the way from Paris just for HomeGoods and meant to be eaten by moi! 

Next up was Nell Hill's in Briarcliff. Of course the store is always beautifully decorated but this time of year it's at its most magnificent with all of the holiday decorations!  We could have spent days in there envisioning our houses looking like the rooms in the store.  Here we are having a little fun after wandering around and around.
Mom & a giant sock cow

Last but not least to cure our aching feet from all of the walking around and shopping, we had a pedicure! I had been wanting to try out the new shop HOOPLA in Fairway so that's where we headed!  The one thing I love about HOOPLA  
and what makes them so different from other nail salons is how clean and fresh the atmosphere makes you feel.  There's no other salon like it in Kansas City.  HOOPLA prides themselves on being super hygienic and much safer all around.  They don't do acrylics here so no yucky smell which I loved! 
Another perk is with your mani or pedi you get to take home your color of nail polish for touch-ups! It's a little more expensive than those other places out there- $40 for a pedicure, but this will definitely be my go to from now on!  

                                                                 The pedicure station
                                                                       The mani bar

All in all it was a wonderful week spent with a wonderful lady.  Come back anytime mom!

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