Week 28...

Friday, November 30, 2012

We've hit the 3rd trimester!!! Whoo Hoo!!!  Only 12 weeks until baby girl is here.  I know with the holiday time will fly and I can't wait!
Besides nesting and cleaning out every room and drawer in the house, I've also been baking up a storm! Pics to come soon on some of the incredible holiday recipes I've been whipping up. Here's the latest update:

Cravings This Week-  CUTIES( you know the little oranges/tangerines)

Sleeping Patterns-   I now dread nighttime.  I know when I get into bed that I will only sleep half the night and the other half will be spent starring at the wall, or at my LOVE, who is fast asleep in lala land. 

 Biggest Change-  I can no longer bend down to tie my show or put on my socks.  It's now a task to do either of these things.  I have to sit down first, then huff and puff for a second, then complete the task, another huff and puff, and try and stand back up.  Pregnancy is definitely a balancing act.

Nursery Update -    The nursery is complete!!! It is absolutely beautiful and exactly what I was imagining.  It's fit for a little princess:) 
Here's a sneak peek of how the stripes turned out.  I'll post more pics at another time. 

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