Week 34...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cravings This Week-   French Fries, but I need them to be steak cut French Fries.  I haven't craved a french fry in years?  So, now of all times...  But, next week I'll be onto something new...

Sleeping Patterns-  My body pillow is AMAZE-BALLS!!! And, my new best friend.

 Biggest Change-   I am officially swollen.  This is new to  me as I've been lucky that I haven't been swollen at all.  I could barely put my wedding ring on this morning.  It must be due to the fact I stand on my feet all day for work because I drink about a thousand gallons of water a day.  Does this go away anytime soon?  I don't really like feeling this way.

My girlfriends are throwing me a shower this weekend and I am so excited!!!  I am also revealing her name at the shower:)  Talk to you next week!!!

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