A peek into London's life...

Monday, April 8, 2013

We are starting to settle into life over here with our little precious.  It's hard to imagine what life was like BL(before London).  This week she will be 7 weeks old and I am not sure where the time has gone.  The days are basically a big blur and seem to run into each other.  Half the time I have no idea what day of the week it is??? Our schedule is pretty much the same everyday- it's kind of like Groundhog Day over here, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

Here's a peek into our everyday life.

London's Schedule
Wake up anywhere from 7-9am.
Drink some milk.
Play for a bit on activity mat or we read a book.
Sit in the swing.
Fall asleep.
Drink some more milk.
Baby Einstein time.
Fall asleep.
and so on and so on....

Here's mama's schedule
Wake up when London wakes me up.
Pour a cup of coffee and reheat 4-5 times within the first hour because I get about one sip in every 10 minutes.
Stuff some sort of breakfast into my mouth- this is usually a piece of toast, Special K breakfast flatbread sandwich, or yogurt.
Try as fast as I can to get London's bottle ready without her screaming.
Feed London and then playtime.
Try to fall asleep on the couch while she's sleeping- although this is a lot harder than you would think.  As I lay there I think about all the things I could be doing if I wasn't laying there.  By the time I usually get ready to fall asleep, she wakes up!
and so on and so on...

I am off work until the middle of May.  So although our everyday routine is the same, I am trying to savor each and every second because I know it's going to go by so fast!!!!

Here she is the first 6 weeks.  She's already changed so much!!!

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