Happy 2 months London!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

At exactly 9:18pm tonight(Monday) my London- aka... my lovey, my princess, my precious one.... 
turned 2 months old! Where has the time gone?
London is starting to smile more, coo(I'd love to know what she's saying), and has discovered her hands.  We had her 2nd month check up today and she is moving right along.  She is now weighing 10 1/2 pounds and is 23 inches.  It was a great doctor visit besides the two shots she received.  Both mom and baby cried.  My only concern with London at this point is she doesn't like to wear headbands/bows in her hair!!! What am I going to do? Doesn't she know I bought a gazillion of them because I was sure she'd wear one with every outfit.  Nope, they last about 5 seconds which is enough time for me to snap a quick photo.  It's okay though because she brings so much joy and love to our life everyday with or without a bow. 

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