Closet Rehash Part Deux...

Friday, May 17, 2013

Drum roll please....

My clutches have a new home in this shoe organizer from Loew's

Blazers and Cardigans for the Spring/Summer. I moved my Winter ones to another closet since I am not using them,  giving me more room.

My jeans and pants that are in constant rotation.  Ones that I haven't worn in more than a year went to Goodwill.

Tanks and skirts.  The clear hangers for pants and skirts were bought at WalMart.

Dresses hung by color, style, and fabric.  I even bought a little white stool to help me reach things on the top shelf.

And the shoes. Organized by flats, sandals, heels, and down to boots. So, like I said it's not my dream closet but it's an organized closet. 

What can I organize next!!!

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