Closet Rehash Part Une...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A few weeks ago I decided our bedroom closet needed a major makeover.... There was shit clothes laying all over the place- on the floor, halfway hung up, handbags being mistreated by being thrown on a shelf, it was an utter disaster.  I am actually embarrassed to post these pictures of what it looked like, but I am so excited for the AFTER pictures that it's worth showing. Here's what I was dealing with:

See these jeans here- half-ass folded and just thrown on a shelf.   How can I tell which jeans they are by this?
Where do I start with this picture? Handbags thrown up top without any consideration.  Shirts just hung up without any order.  They should be hung up by color, fabric, and style. Also, the different color hangers are annoying. So, I switched to all white hangers and I felt a little better.  One day maybe I'll have all fabric hangers.

Again, more handbags-  my mess of clutches spread out everywhere.  Poor sweet things.

Last but not least the shoes.  Again, no organization at all. These should be by season, color, and style.  

 Now, I wasn't looking to rebuild shelves or anything, mostly just organization.
It took an entire Sunday from 2-9 ( London was at grandma's so this was possible) but I finally got it done!  It's not my dream closet by any means but at least it's organized.  Stay tuned to tomorrow's post for the after pics!

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