Fathers Day

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fathers Day

This is London's first Father's Day and she's super excited!  Ok, I am the excited one. She clearly has no clue what's going down this Sunday.  It's always been fun to think of something for my own dad but this year I had to think of something for my love since he is a new dad!  Not sure what we will do that day, but I promise it will involve something outdoors and a bomb ass dessert of some kind! Here are some ideas in case you can't think of any.

1. Make your own Whiskey- Prohibition right in your own basement!
2. Rubik's Cube Pencil Holder- Calling everyone from the 80's!
3. Backpack Beach Chair- This chair is totally coolio! It's a perfect outdoor comfy chair for the beach, lake, or whatever body of water you're posting up to plus it has a built in cooler on the back of the chair. HOLLA!  We actually have this chair and love love.  We found it at Costco this past weekend for only $30 so go getcha one. 
4. IPAD-  It's a tech tool what else is there to say? 
5. Help him find his golf ball with this Garmin GPS.
6. Cold beer everywhere he goes now- Freeze this little guy and pop it in his beer for instant coolness with the Chillsner.
7. The Ultimate Grilling Rub- What dad doesn't like to think of themselves as master of the grill?  Tell him how much you love his grilling and that these rubs will only enhance his already awesome grilling skills!
8. Have an instant party or conference call with these portable speakers from Jawbone.

Whatever your gift just enjoy each other. 
Happy Father's Day to all the new Fathers and the experienced Fathers!

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