The BIG reveal...

Monday, October 1, 2012

It's been nearly 2 1/2 weeks since my last post and I don't exactly know why.  Well, I have an idea but I'll leave that for another time... So, let's catch up.... Since we last chatted we have found out some very exciting news....  We are...

WE or let's be honest- I - couldn't be more excited.  I can sit here and say I didn't care what I was having (that's what you're supposed to say), but I really, really, really wanted a little girl. My love, however, had no preference (like a good father should say).   We had this massive plan as to how we were going to find out too.  Our 3rd anniversary was September 23rd, so we thought it would be perfect to go to the doctor, have them put our pictures in an envelope and then open the envelope on our anniversary.  
That's not what went down.  We did go to the doctor a week ahead of our anniversary as planned but we caved the minute we left the building.  We immediately ditched all anniversary plans and headed right to Hy-Vee to have them make a gender baby cake for us.  We still wanted some element of surprise! So, the plan was to make a good dinner and then celebrate by cutting our cake.  

                                          It says, Congratulations Mom & Dad- that's us!


 Lilo, anxiously awaiting to see if she's having a brother or a sister- or waiting for a piece of cake to fall on the floor.


The BIG reveal... 

Excited mother!

So, let the shopping and decorating begin!

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