Week 24...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We've hit the 6th month mark! Hard to believe.  The month actually runs from the 23rd-27th week- I'll never get used to this week thing they use in pregnancy. 
It's Halloween night and we are getting ready to see all the tiny ghosts and goblins that show up at our doorstep.  Being we are in a new neighborhood this year, wasn't quite sure how much candy to buy. But, I am sure we can make do with whatever is left over:)

Cravings This Week- Chocolate chip cookies made by moi
Sleeping Patterns-  Now my arm is falling asleep and is numb besides my leg.
 Biggest Change- We can see you kicking! My stomach moves up and down at night with the pitter patter of your little feet and hands.
Nursery Update Nothing again this week... Maybe it's time to call professional painters, although I have been promised this next weekend will be the time to paint!!! We'll see about that.

This time next year we will have our own little "boo" to celebrate with! But until then.....
Happy Halloween Everyone!

Halloween Pumpkin

Our little pumpkin

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