Thursday, October 18, 2012

While searching the internet the other day for pictures to put in a nursery- I came across a website I am in love with!! 
It's basically handmade art from all over the world.  Different artists submit their work and the minted community votes to determine which pieces are sold! It's genius.  There are so many talented people all over and it's wonderful to be able to enjoy their art.  The website sells anything from holiday cards, to announcements to custom nursery art. Here's a few of my favorites...

For the holiday card

by alethea and ruth from seattle, wa

A baby announcement

by penelope poppy from pittsuburg, pa

and a few nursery custom art photos which could be just what I am looking for
                                                      by emily ranneby from stockholm, sweden             
by guess what? from honolulu, hi

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  1. I got stuff from Rosenberry Rooms...I think they have a great selection of kids stuff. I also have a friend that does those custom art pieces.


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