Week 22...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Things are certainly in full baby mode around here! We are officially in the middle of Week 22 now. 
She is  currently a whole pound and a half!  We had another sonogram and it appears she has my nose(thank goodness:).  Baby girl is as healthy as can be and that makes me one happy mama to be!  Here are this week's changes:
Cravings This Week- Naked Juice Green Smoothie
Sleeping Patterns- I made my love switch sides of the bed with me but hasn't really helped
Biggest Change-I can feel you kicking like crazy! It's almost like there's a dance party going on in there! Of course it's always at night as I am getting ready to sleep.  Is this a sign of what's to come?
Nursery Update- This past weekend we purchased her bedroom furniture- crib, dresser, and rocker. The store we bought everything from was actually having a floor model sale so we were able to get some great deals!  They didn't have the color of crib I had originally wanted so we went with Lavender since her room is going to be Lavender, Gray, and White- I am just not sure what shades yet.   Here's what the crib looks like:
The crib is from Young America- The Build To Grow Gala Crib   http://www.youngamerica.com/built-to-grow-gala-crib.html.  My love was very specific that we got furniture made in America and that it had gone through rigorous safety standards.  
Anyways, I am hoping this weekend we can get some painting started- I won't be painting of course but it's on the agenda!

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